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2015 Season

And Now to Bed

True tales of love, romance and physical pleasure.

 Writers: Donna Abela,Sarah Carradine, Margaret Davis, Mark Langham, Melissa Lee Speyer, Con Nats and Katie Pollock
Performers: Paul Armstrong, Shauntelle Benjamin, Erica Brennan, Richard Cornally, Jennie Dibley, Edric Hong and Eleanor Stankiewicz

The reviews are in!

“Each and every crafted monologue was skillfully written, empathetically delivered, interesting, unique and bold. 
This is what true theatre is all about! 
… all in all absolutely sublime.… 

with a cast that knocked the ball out of the theatrical park
.… a rich, funny, vibrant edge of your seat show. 

I can not recommend And Now to Bed enough, 
you will not be disappointed.”   

Theatre Unzipped

“an exciting process that makes for one of the best nights of theatre on the Sydney calendar…… Highly recommended.”
Lisa Thatcher

"There is beautiful writing… vivid moments…

confident cast of actors who all bring a warm earnestness to what they are willing to share.”
Suzy Go See

"a fantastic show with a collection of stories that are both unique and affecting and highly relatable....
 if And Now to Bed isn’t on your calendar, put it on...
Each performance is a finely tuned microcosm that together, bring some excellent and amusing writing to brilliant life."

"The method is addictive 
... And Now to Bed is deeply engaging ranging from funny to poignant to confronting by turn, the different perspectives offered of human sexuality skillfully woven into a revelatory and ultimately reverential whole..... 
once again the Subtlenuance team 
has delivered a compelling piece of theatre."   
South Sydney Herald

And Now to Bed is a uniformly fine ensemble piece 
from both writers and players… it will hopefully prove to be the sleeper hit of the Sydney theatrical season.”

directed by Paul Gilchrist
produced by Daniela Giorgi
assistant director Dominic Bock
sound design Ashley Walker
stage manager Tom Masse
And Now to Bed
March 11 - 22
The Theatre
 Kings Cross Hotel

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