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Joan, Again

Joan, Again
 by Paul Gilchrist

The reviews are in:

'An excellent production"
Alternative Media

"A brilliant play...that rare piece of theatre that feeds meat to the general public as well as wine to the passionate theatre nerd"
Lisa Thatcher

"A sharp satire.....don't miss it...Helen Tonkin is excellent.....casting Sylvia Keays as Joan was a stroke of brilliance, she carries off the role with a bolshie bravado that is wonderful to watch"
The Buzz from Sydney

"An appealing wit at work"
Sydney Morning Herald

"a clever, smart, enchanting play"
The Spell of Waking Hours

"a dynamic theatre with distinct and colourful personalities that keep us fascinated"
Auditorium Magazine

"hilarious, shrewdly observant and cleverly interwoven"
South Sydney Herald

"a playwright of tremendous ability...Gilchrist has outdone himself....a real feast for any actor to wrap their mouths around and any audiences ears to behold" Theatre Unzipped

"an absorbing play.....a very thoughtful piece of theatre"
Theatre from the Backseat

photo by Katy Green Loughrey

In 1431, Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake.
Ten years later she was back.

Inspired by an incredible true story, 
critically acclaimed writer/director Paul Gilchrist
explores one of the greatest frauds of all time.

Very funny and deeply moving,
Joan, Again 
is an uncannily conte
mporary expose 

of truth and lies, 
celebrity and identity.

Kit Bennett, Jamie Collette, Ted Crosby, Kitty Hopwood, Lynden Jones, Sylvia Keays, 
Bonnie Kellett, David Kirkham and Helen Tonkin

Joan, Again
produced in association with Sydney Independent Theatre Company

The Old Fitzroy Theatre

directed by Paul Gilchrist
produced by Daniela Giorgi
design by Rachel Scane
lighting design by Liam O'Keefe




After hit seasons in
Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney, 
Blind Tasting 

 returns to Sydney
for ONE night only at 

See the extraordinary Sylvia Keays at Ensemble Theatre 
on July 7.

Visit the website for details

Blind Tasting

written and directed by Paul Gilchrist
performed by Sylvia Keays

In wine there is Truth. 
nd laughter.

She talks wine. She sells wine. But, now, she has every reason to drink it!

Join her hilarious razor-sharp discovery of the unexpected truth hidden in each glass. 

Sylvia Keays portrays Sophie - witty, whimsical and utterly heartbroken. In Blind Tasting, she shares her sparkling coming of age story, as she navigates love, loss and the realisation that none of us really knows whats going to happen next. 

Part wine tasting, part performance Blind Tasting is a sparkling coming of age story.

Some reviews:

"This performance was a delight; intimate, funny, sad, and thoughtful."  
Stage Whispers

"a barrel of fun....performed with great vitality and charm by Sylvia Keays....If you ever hear it's on, go" Huon Hooke, Sydney Morning Herald

a punchy, whimsical tale executed exceptionally by actor Sylvia Keays…superbly written by Paul Gilchrist, thought-provoking and insightful." Theatre Junkies

“Sylvia Keays is a brilliant performer ….a moving, consistent and quality performance that is a joy to watch…. The script is playful, witty and poetic throughout ….. thoroughly entertaining” FringeReview

"One of those little treasures of a play that fills your glass with optimism, spills a bit with the laughs, and finds truth."  Canberra Times

“The show has a very smooth tone, sitting happily between wistfully melancholic narrative and a stand-up routine…. actual wine tasting as part of the show proves a surprisingly effective way of involving us in the story.” 
Time Out

“a well crafted, tasty piece of small, intense theatre that ponders some deeply philosophical questions…. delivered engagingly by Sylvia Keays” The Adelaide Advertiser

“a classy sensory experience…. a passionate and considered performance” Adelaide Theatre Guide

“another little gem from the strange narrative mind of Paul Gilchrist ….an engaging blend of slightly nutty and melancholic memoir, delivered in charming style by Sylvia Keays” The 5th Wall

"exceptionally well crafted....Keay's performance is such that it's as if she owned the words, as if she wrote them; I can't imagine a stronger affinity between writer and actor."  

"At times heart wrenching, but mostly heart warming and hilarious, this was a brilliantly written show that held me captive from start to end. Sylvia Keays was absolutely adorable."  

"a very appealing work of contemporary theatre. Blind Tasting works well with its combination of lyrical writing by Gilchrist and a lovely, well measured and warm performance by Sylvia Keays"  
Sydney Arts Guide

"Raw, forthright and astutely funny.....Keays is a deeply compelling actor, seamlessly transitioning from laughter in one moment to tears in the next." 
Express Media



Joan, Again
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