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The Silver Gull Award


 The Silver Gull Play Award

This award recognises an outstanding play by a local writer that explores philosophical or political themes.

The award is sponsored by The Buzz from Sydney

In 2016 the award is valued at $2000.

The aim of The Silver Gull Play Award is to encourage interest in theatre that both offers insight and encourages action.

We’re proud to announce the shortlist for 2016:

People Will Think You Don’t Love Me by Joanna Erskine

A matter of life and death by John AD Fraser

The Ink Trail by Louis Klee

This, This Is Mine by Duncan Ragg

I sat and waited but you were gone too long by Olivia Satchell

The winner of the 2016 Silver Gull Play Award is

People Will Think I Don't Love You

by Joanna Erskine

About the Award

Philosophical? Political?

Both these words resist simple definition - which is part of what makes them so ripe for theatrical treatment.

But we’ll offer this as a starting point:

A philosophical play consciously invites us to consider how (our) thoughts make the world.

A political play consciously invites us to consider how (our) actions make the world.

Neither assume the world is unchangeable.


Why the Silver Gull?

Firstly, the name is playful. and as such it's pleasingly subversive of the concept of prestige.

Secondly, the silver gull is a creature we all know for its extraordinary unity of contrary characteristics:

who better to squawk?

who better to fly?

It seems an apt symbol of the political and the philosophical.

The winning play for 2015 was
TickTickBoom by Melissa Lee Speyer.

A list of the shortlisted writers for 2015 can be found on our blog site 


Photo Attribution:
By Glen Fergus (Own work, Moreton Bay, Australia) [CC-BY-SA-2.5
(], via Wikimedia Commons

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