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2015 Season
We currently have several new works in development for our 2015 season.

And these works will be produced in some surprisingly different venues.

And Now to Bed
Innovative in its form,
transgressive in its subject matter
and surprising in its venue,
And Now to Bed promises to be one of the most thrilling theatrical events of 2015.

And Now to Bed
 is the third and final installment
of subtlenuance's critically acclaimed Table Talk Trilogy.
The first two installments, 
The Political Hearts of Children and High Windows Low Doorways, 
featured some of Sydney’s most exciting emerging and established artists
and received a remarkable response:
“Stark white walls. Seven scripts. Seven actors. Who needs 'big' theatre, when 'little' theatre can be so blindingly brilliant?”
Australian Stage Online
“This is a rare find for theatre-hunters, the opening night audience laughing, crying and so privileged to find insight into not one but seven beautiful minds. I’m going back again.”  
5th Wall
“4 Stars…..shines a sympathetic light upon the lamp that is the human heart
Daily Review Crikey
The Political Hearts of Children was one of my favourite productions from big or little theatre in 2013. As High Windows Low Doorways used the same immensely successful collaborative approach, I was eager to see this. I was not disappointed: it was brilliant.”  
South Sydney Herald
“layered and complex.…..beautifully curated and well performed.”
Theatre from the Backseat
“With an overarching insistence on the highest quality, subtlenuance give the monologue format a fresh boost”  
Lisa Thatcher

“A great production”
The Buzz from Sydney

"an intriguing little gem"
Aussie Theatre

"a beautiful journey I thoroughly enjoyed.....a wonderful production"
Weekend Notes

“delightful and charming....Well done subtlenuance!”  
Sydney Arts Guide
Kelly Robinson in The Political Hearts of Children
Photo by Zorica Purlija

The Table Talk Trilogy
is a thrilling reinvention and rejuvenation
of the multi-playwright form.

And Now to Bed promises to be a fascinating conclusion to the trilogy.

And Now to Bed
March 9 - 22
in a secret intimate venue

Shut Up and Drive
 Sexuality, Liberty and the Automobile

by Daniela Giorgi and Paul Gilchrist

Performed in and around an actual vehicle, Shut Up and Drive is a hilariously fast paced ride through the world created by the car.

mid year
in a car park near you

The Poor Kitchen
by Daniela Giorgi

“The anarchists are crazy,
But better than the fascists”

Elle unexpectedly inherits an olive farm in Italy.
The neighbours are colourful,
the food is divine,
but as she tucks into het tagliatelle,
she finds herself at the table with the ghosts of a barbarous past.

Praise for previous work by Daniela Giorgi:

"Talc is a well crafted and well acted emotional hour of must-see theatre"
Aussie Theatre

Talc is a work of originality and independence…Giorgi has created two intriguingly complex characters in this astute portrayal of human life and desires”
The Blurb 

“A tightly-written, tautly-performed, visceral piece"
Australian Stage Online on Talc

"Friday is more than just another political satire - it strikes at the very confused heart of a sleeping democracy"
Lisa Thatcher

"Friday, by Daniela Giorgi, is a cutting satire.. a witty and insightful production. Friday should be mandatory viewing "
The Buzz from Sydney

"Friday’s structure is exuberantly quick and sharp... The story is told with crystal clarity.... a great night at the theatre."
Suzy Goes See

The Poor Kitchen
by Daniela Giorgi
Mid 2015

Chocolate House
by Paul Gilchrist
performed by Sylvia Keays

A philosophical exploration of indulgence. 
A theatrical experiment in tone.
A damn good excuse to eat chocolate.

Part chocolate tasting part performance, 
Chocolate House is witty, moving and just a little bit naughty.

Praise for the team that created the enormously popular Blind Tasting:
"Keay's performance is such that it's as if she owned the words, as if she wrote them; I can't imagine a stronger affinity between writer and actor" 

Chocolate House
late 2015
in a host of funky non-traditional venues


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