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2014 Season

subtlenuance is dedicated solely to the production of original work, 
work that has been performed in Sydney, interstate and overseas. 
In our first 5 years we’ve presented 16 new plays to remarkable critical acclaim:  

“a distinctive, important, independent voice in Australian theatre”
Australian Stage Online

“an extraordinary little theatre company”

 In 2014, we're excited to present FOUR more new works, and revive a favourite!


High Windows Low Doorways 
A multi-playwright project

Some of Sydney’s most exciting theatre makers take on the last great taboo!

See our home page for details.

19 – 30 March 2014, 
TAP Gallery (Downstairs Theatre)
Tues- Sat 8pm, Sun 6pm
Tix $25/$20/Cheap Tues and Preview $15
Bookings 0481 514 945


Joan, Again 
by Paul Gilchrist

"The Truth is what you can get away with."

In 1431, Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake. Fifteen years later, she was back.
A very funny, deeply moving, and uncannily contemporary exploration of one of the greatest frauds of all time.

Praise for Paul Gilchrist's previous historical dramas:

“a triumph of narrative construction...Catherine at Avignon is a significant achievement in writing, direction and staging” 
Media Culture

"the language is beautiful and flows easily from the actors...See 
Lucy Black to experience the beauty of Elizabethan language that was not written by Shakespeare or Marlowe" 
Stage Whispers

Joan, Again

produced in association with Sydney Independent Theatre Company
written and directed by Paul Gilchrist
featuring Sylvia Keays

5 – 23 August 2014, The Old Fitzroy Theatre


The Poor Kitchen 
by Daniela Giorgi

“The anarchists are crazy. 
But better than the fascists.”

Elle unexpectedly inherits an olive farm in southern Italy. 
The neighbours are colourful, 
the food is divine, 
but as she tucks into her tagliatelle 
she finds herself at the table with the ghosts of a barbarous past.

Praise for previous plays by Daniela Giorgi:
"Talc is a well crafted and well acted emotional hour of must-see theatre" 
Aussie Theatre

"Friday is more than just another political satire - it strikes at the very confused heart of a sleeping democracy"
Lisa Thatcher

The Poor Kitchen
by Daniela Giorgi
directed by Paul Gilchrist

8 -19 October 2014 
TAP Gallery (Upstairs Theatre)


Chocolate House
by Paul Gilchrist
performed by Sylvia Keays

A philosophical exploration of indulgence. 
A theatrical experiment in tone.
A damn good excuse to eat chocolate.

Part chocolate tasting part performance, 
Chocolate House 
is witty, moving and just a little bit naughty.

Praise for the team that created the enormously popular Blind Tasting:
"Keay's performance is such that it's as if she owned the words, as if she wrote them; I can't imagine a stronger affinity between writer and actor" 

Chocolate House
written and directed by Paul Gilchrist
featuring Sylvia Keays

April and May
in a host of funky non-traditional venues


Blind Tasting
by Paul Gilchrist
performed by Sylvia Keays

In wine there is Truth, and laughter.

The hit show returns!
After a SOLD OUT season at the Adelaide Fringe, subtlenuance was invited to present Blind Tasting at the Melbourne Fringe Hub, the CAP Theatre in Los Angeles, Ensemble Theatre Sydney and The Street Theatre, Canberra.

And now Blind Tasting is back at Ensemble Theatre for one performance only!

"This performance was a delight; intimate, funny, sad, and thoughtful."  
Stage Whispers

"a barrel of fun....performed with great vitality and charm by Sylvia Keays
....If you ever hear it's on, go"
Huon Hooke, Sydney Morning Herald

"One of those little treasures of a play that fills your glass with optimism, spills a bit with the laughs, and finds truth."  
Canberra Times

Blind Tasting
by Paul Gilchrist
featuring Sylvia Keays
Ensemble Theatre
(date TBC)
and a host of interstate venues

Ticketing details for all productions available soon. 



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