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Call for Writers and Actors
subtlenuance is seeking writers and actors for 
And Now to Bed
the first production of their 2015 season.
Innovative in its form, transgressive in its subject matter and surprising in its venue,
And Now to Bed promises to be one of the most thrilling theatrical events of 2015.
And Now to Bed is the third and final installment of subtlenuance's critically acclaimed Table Talk Trilogy.
The first two installments, The Political Hearts of Children and High Windows Low Doorways, featured some of Sydney’s most exciting emerging and established artists. Check out the creatives teams here

These productions received a remarkable response:
“Stark white walls. Seven scripts. Seven actors. Who needs 'big' theatre, when 'little' theatre can be so blindingly brilliant?”
Australian Stage Online
“This is a rare find for theatre-hunters, the opening night audience laughing, crying and so privileged to find insight into not one but seven beautiful minds. I’m going back again.”  
5th Wall
“4 Stars…..shines a sympathetic light upon the lamp that is the human heart
Daily Review Crikey
The Political Hearts of Children was one of my favourite productions from big or little theatre in 2013. As High Windows Low Doorways used the same immensely successful collaborative approach, I was eager to see this. I was not disappointed: it was brilliant.”  
South Sydney Herald
“layered and complex.…..beautifully curated and well performed.”
Theatre from the Backseat
“With an overarching insistence on the highest quality, subtlenuance give the monologue format a fresh boost”  
Lisa Thatcher
“A great production”
The Buzz from Sydney

"an intriguing little gem"
Aussie Theatre

"a beautiful journey I thoroughly enjoyed.....a wonderful production"
Weekend Notes

“delightful and charming....Well done subtlenuance!”  
Sydney Arts Guide

The Table Talk Trilogy is a thrilling reinvention and rejuvenation
of the multi-playwright form.
The form
What makes the Table Talk Trilogy a rare theatrical event is that it’s created from the personal experiences of the actors, with their stories being made ‘stage ready’ by a team of writers. The actors and writers work with director Paul Gilchrist to transform the individual stories into one cohesive piece of theatre.
The primary form of presentation is monologue, but as the individual stories are developed by the creative team some become ‘playlets’, and all involve participation from the ensemble.
We're looking for 5 to 7 actors prepared to share their stories.
We're looking for 5 to 7 writers prepared to help the actor designated to them share their story and make it 'stage ready'.
We're not looking for writers to merely transcribe an actor's story. We are seeking writers who will enjoy finding vibrant and engaging, transgressive and transformative ways of presenting these deeply personal stories so that they will resonate with, and challenge, a wide audience.
The subject matter
Each installment of the trilogy explores a theme sometimes considered taboo; in the playful sense that it's supposedly deemed ‘inappropriate’ for dinner party conversation. (For example, The Political Hearts of Children explored ‘politics’ and High Windows Low Doorways explored ‘religion’.) And Now to Bed will explore the actor’s experience of 'sexuality' - in the broadest sense; e.g. the actor may choose to discuss romance, or desire, or gender identity and politics, or physicality etc.

The venue
The Political Hearts of Children
and High Windows Low Doorways were produced in traditional theatrical spaces, but with And Now to Bed we're going to try something different. Audiences members will meet at designated spot and then be escorted to a secret location - one that's surprising, eclectic and wonderfully evocative.
Things you need to know:
  • Production dates are March 9 to March 22, 2015. During this two week period we envisage at least 7 performances. At this stage, actors must commit to availability for the evenings of the entire two week period.
  • We are looking for trained actors from 21 to 99 years of age.
  • We welcome applications from actors of all sexual orientations and gender identity.
  • In order to facilitate full involvement, all artists must be Sydney based.
  • If we're already familiar with your work, please do tell us if you're available and interested, and though we may choose not to ask you in for an audition, this will not exclude you from being offered a role.
  • Actors and writers must be prepared to work in designated pairs to create a 'solo piece' based on the actor's own personal experience. (‘Solo piece’ is a loose description as the actor's story might be presented with involvement from the ensemble. Each 'piece' will run approximately 10 mins, but the evening as a whole will be developed into one cohesive piece of theatre.)
  • Meeting times for artists and the rehearsal schedule will be negotiated with those in the team. It is envisaged that the script will be rehearsal ready by 8 Feb 2015, and rehearsals will begin after that date.
  • Involvement in this project will be on a voluntary basis.
  • Auditions will be held on Wed 3 Dec and Thurs 4 Dec at a venue TBA.
  • At the audition, actors will be asked to read from script extracts from previous work written by subtlenuance. These extracts will be sent to actors when they are offered an audition.
  • Audition spots will not be allotted on a first-in-first serve basis, and unfortunately, we will only be able to audition a limited number of actors.

Applications should be sent to Paul Gilchrist at
  • Writers please send your CV or bio, and if you choose, a 5 page sample of your work.
  • Actors please send your CV and headshot.
Applications close 26 Nov.

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