writing and producing independent australian theatre
 “a small, fiercely independent company of proven integrity…
their work augurs well,
not only for subtlenuance’s future
as a distinctive, important, independent voice in Australian theatre,
but for the future of Australian theatre at large.”

Australian Stage Online

is a Sydney based, independent theatre company.
      We are solely dedicated to the creation of
original, Australian work.                                              

Our focus is the exploration of political and philosophical ideas.
We believe theatre is a forum for many voices.
For this reason, it is an art form especially suited to both the exploration and creation
of subtlety and nuance.
Through these two qualities our world becomes richer.

Sylvia Keays performs Blind Tasting at Street Theatre, Canberra

Since our inception in 2008,
we have produced eighteen original productions
to remarkable critical acclaim:
‘So cleverly interwoven with perceptive questioning is his writing that you begin to feel as though Gilchrist's understanding of the human psyche is on a different more-in-tuned level.”
The Blurb on Two Gates - written and directed by Paul Gilchrist 

“drenched in an exceptional ability to observe human behavior and thought.
This play could be staged anywhere in the world and it will resonate with the audience.”
Ticket Stubbies on Toy Box - written and directed by Paul Gilchrist

“Like Stoppard, Gilchrist is great with words... a significant achievement in writing, direction and staging... obviously a playwright worth watching.”
Media Culture on Catherine at Avignon - written and directed by Paul Gilchrist
“it doesn't get a whole lot better than written, and directed, by Paul Gilchrist” Australian Stage Online on A Thing of Beauty

“totally transgressive and thrilling.. Surprising, amusing and stimulating.” 
Kevin Jackson on A Quiet Night in Rangoon - written by Katie Pollock and directed by Paul Gilchrist

"Gilchrist crafts the build up of tension and disquiet very well over the play's 65 minutes....four well shaped performances draw us in."   
Sydney Morning Herald on Rocket Man - written and directed by Paul Gilchrist
"a well crafted emotional hour of must-see theatre”
Aussie Theatre on Talc - written by Daniela Giorgi and directed by Paul Gilchrist

“work of originality and independence…Giorgi has created two intriguingly complex characters in this astute portrayal of human life and desires”
The Blurb on Talc

Corinne Marie and Zara Zoe in Lucy Black
photo by Zorica Purlija 


"Gilchrist has assembled a strong cast.... his text is a rich and frequently humorous one...."
Sydney Morning Herald on Cristina in the Cupboard - written and directed by Paul Gilchrist 
“I can't really bring to mind the last time I laughed as loud and, almost amidst it, felt the agony of intense, searing tragedy.”
Australian Stage Online on True Times Three - written and directed by Paul Gilchrist

"One of those little treasures of a play that fills your glass with optimism, spills a bit with the laughs, and finds truth."  
Canberra Times on Blind Tasting - written and directed by Paul Gilchrist

"The way playwright and director Paul Gilchrist manages the tension and spark between the four characters is masterful and fun to watch"  
Concrete Playground on Rocket Man - written and directed by Paul Gilchrist

"sections sing with an almost musical suppleness. Paul Gilchrist's production makes fluid the story's dislocations of time and place....It is worthy, sometimes compelling theatre"
Sydney Morning Herald on A Quiet Night in Rangoon, written by Katie Pollock directed by Paul Gilchrist

“a thoroughly enjoyable night of mischievous satire, however let the directionless in the audience be warned, this is a production that really makes you sit up and examine what you’re doing with your life.”
Alternative Media on Before the Embrace - written and directed by Paul Gilchrist

"a barrel of fun....performed with great vitality and charm by Sylvia Keays....If you ever hear it's on, go" 
Huon Hooke SMH on Blind Tasting - written and directed by Paul Gilchrist
Barton Williams and John Buencamino in A Quiet Night in Rangoon 
photo by Zorica Purlija

"a profound piece of theatre ... deserves a tip of the hat to subtlenuance’s efforts, talent and integrity."
[small] LUSTS on Life is Impossible - written and directed by Paul Gilchrist 

'the script is poignant and beautiful....the performances are strong and effective... a timeless work that speaks with intellectual and emotional clarity, and should be staged every place there is a thinking audience'
suzygoesee on Cristina in the Cupboard - wriitten and directed by Paul Gilchrist

“a well crafted, tasty piece of small, intense theatre that ponders some deeply philosophical questions”
The Adelaide Advertiser on Blind Tasting - written and directed by Paul Gilchrist

"See this play to experience the beauty of Elizabethan language that was not written by Shakespeare or Marlowe"
Stage Whispers on Lucy Black - written and directed by Paul Gilchrist 

"Everything a play should be. And yet, something more. And reaching to break the constraints of its form.This is original work, it's new, it's distinctively Australian, it should besetting off alarm bells in our literary departments." 
5th Wall on Rocket Man - written and directed by Paul Gilchrist 

Daniela Giorgi
Since 2008 Daniela has produced eighteen original shows: And Now To Bed, 2015; Joan, Again, 2014; High Windows Low Doorways, 2014; Cristina in the Cupboard, 2013; Rocket Man, 2013; Blind Tasting, 2012 / 2013 / 2014; Lucy Black, 2012; A Quiet Night in Rangoon, 2011; Bare Boards Brave Heart, 2011; Toy Box, 2011; Life Is Impossible, 2010; A Thing of Beauty,  2010; Talc & Two Gates, 2010; Before The Embrace,  2009; Catherine at Avignon, 2009; and True Times Three, 2008. Prior to that she produced Gloss, Sold, Turning Up and Dead Money, for Thrown Together Theatre’s "pop-up theatre" experiment; theatre created for performance in a range of eclectic non-traditional venues. She has published short stories, poetry and fiction. Her debut play, Talc, was produced in 2010. Her short play, Sicilian Biscotti, was written and produced for the launch of Women, Power, Culture at New Theatre in 2011. Her second full length play, Friday, was produced in 2013 by Sydney Independent Theatre Company at the Old Fitzroy Theatre. She also blogs about food, place and time at 

Paul Gilchrist
Paul is a  writer and director, and is the artistic director of subtlenuance. His work has been produced in Sydney, interstate and overseas. The plays he has written and directed include Joan Again, 2014; Cristina in the Cupboard, 2013; Rocket Man, 2013; Blind Tasting, 2012/2013; Lucy Black, 2012; Toy Box, 2011; Life is Impossible, 2010; A Thing of Beauty, 2010; Two Gates, 2010; Catherine at Avignon, 2009; Before the Embrace, 2009; True Times Three, 2008; and Dead Money, 2007. His play Turning Up was produced by Thrown Together Theatre in 2006. His short play The Danger of Safety featured in Apocalpyse Theatre Company's Asylum in 2015. He has also directed Talc by Daniela Giorgi, 2010, and A Quiet Night in Rangoon by Katie Pollock, 2011. He has been the artistic director of several multi-playwright projects, including Bare Boards Brave Hearts, 2011; The Political Hearts of Children, 2013; High Windows Low Doorways, 2014; and And Now To Bed, 2015. 

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Heidi Lupprian in Two Gates 

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