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"subtlenuance is one of Sydney’s most vital, active, prolific and innovative small production companies." 

 Rosanna Easton in The Political Hearts of Children 

Critical praise for our multi-playwright projects.

The Political Hearts of Children (2012)

"Stark white walls. Seven scripts. Seven actors. Who needs 'big' theatre when 'little' theatre can be so blindingly brilliant?" 
Australian Stage Online

“this show, with such a deceptively simple premise, is a vastly important piece of theatre. …. This is a rare find for theatre-hunters, the opening night audience laughing, crying and so privileged to find insight into not one but seven beautiful minds. I’m going back again.” 
5th wall

“All seven stories are touching in their own way. To see each of them performed by an actor who lived the moment, let it go, and turns it into something else on the stage is thrilling. The Political Hearts of Children is a wonderfully engaging piece of original theatre.” 

"The Political Hearts of Children is a curious set of tales. Thought provoking certainly, and young enough at heart to make it an intriguing (noisy!) little gem." 
Aussie Theatre

"a beguiling series of childhood memories. Some are familiar and some feel like they're from another world, yet all of them are bewitching.....The Political Hearts of Children is a beautiful journey that I thoroughly enjoyed embraking on. This is a wonderful production." 
Weekend Notes

“a delightful and charming foray into memories….. the performances were all enjoyable, exuberant and sometimes enthralling…..Well done subtlenuance!” 
Sydney Arts Guide

Kelly Robinson in The Political Hearts of Children

The Political Hearts of Children
Performed by James Balian, Mark Dessaix, Rosanna Easton, Carla Nirella, Kelly Robinson, Kathryn Schuback and Stephen Wilkinson.

Written by Alison Rooke, Katie Pollock, Kimberley Lipschus, Victoria Haralabidou, Beniti Di Fonzo, Didem Caia and Jame Balian.

Directed by Paul Gilchrist  
Produced by Daniela Giorgi
Sound Design Ashley Walker

Bare Boards Brave Heart (2011):

"Billed as 'six bold expeditions into the human heart, they more than suffice as such.... Gilchrist and Giorgi rarely disappoint and, here, they’ve excelled themselves; in their own right, but also in showing, on the whole, profound programmatic judgement. I sure hope Bare Boards becomes a regular thing."  

“4 stars out of 5.  It’s cold, it is bare and Artistic Director Paul Gilchrist was brave in staging this work ….. but it certainly paid off”  
The Primate Perspective

"there is a rich and fertile soil offered to these artists.....It's not easy to invest in the unknown - and subtlenuance has. And for that I openly applaud their efforts."
Augusta Supple

“a slew of talented writers, directors and performers in a festival of solo performances…a fabulous night of theatre.” 
Ticket Stubbies

Nick Atkins in Bare Boards Brave Heart

Bare Boards Brave Heart
Writers: Alison Rooke, Skye Loneragan, Nick Atkins, Michal Imielski, Mark Konik, Carol Dance and David Finnigan 

Directors: Zoe Carides, Kai Raisbeck,  Beverley Callow and Erica J Brennan 

Performers: Skye Loneragan, Bridgette Sneddon, Nick Atkins, Luke Carson, Renee Lim and Corinne Marie

Artistic director Paul Gilchrist
Producer Daniela Giorgi

Skye Loneragan in Bare Boards Brave Heart

Our third mult-playwright, High Windows Low Doorways is currently in development.

Joan, Again
High Windows Low Doorways
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