Audition Call


subtlenuance invites actors to apply to audition for

Morning Star 

a multi-playwright project

featuring writing by

Donna Abela,

Shauntelle Benjamin, 

John AD Fraser,

Callum McLean,

Roslyn Hicks,

Mark Langham,

Melita Rowston,

Peter Maple,

Kel Vance

and Catherine Zimdahl.

We are seeking to cast two ensembles of actors that reflect the diversity of this city.

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The Play


We've had enormous success over the years with our multi-playwright projects,

producing shows like

The Political Hearts of Children,

And Now to Bed

and High Windows, Low Doorways

to much critical acclaim.

"Who needs 'big' theatre when 'little' theatre

can be so blindingly brilliant?" 

Australian Stage

Created by amazing teams of writers,

these projects were not festivals of short plays,

but rather single, fully integrated art works.



It's an approach we're employing again

in Morning Star,

charging our team of writers

to build a piece

interrogating pernicious ideas

- those ways of looking at the world,

that on first appearance

seem innocuous,

but on closer inspection,

really just add to human misery.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions

(and some fantastic stories!)

It's worth repeating that Morning Star is NOT a short work festival.

There will be two programs (a Week A and a Week B)

but each of these programs will be a single cohesive art work.

The chosen ensemble will be active participants for the entirety of the performance.


The Company 

subtlenuance is dedicated solely to the production of original work.

Since our inception in 2008 we have produced 26 new works, in Sydney and across Australia.


“a small, fiercely independent company of proven integrity… [their work] augurs well, not only for subtlenuance’s future as a distinctive, important, independent voice in Australian theatre, but for the future of Australian theatre at large.” 

Australian Stage Online 

"subtlenuance is one of Sydney's most vital, active, prolific and innovative small production companies" 


“subtlenuance is one of Sydney’s most enduring and entertaining theatre companies"

 Sydney Arts Guide


Have a look around our website and see what we’ve been up to!

The Writers 

Our writers are Donna Abela, Shauntelle Benjamin, John AD Fraser,  Callum McLean, Roslyn Hicks, Mark Langham, Melita Rowston, Peter Maple, Kel Vance and Catherine Zimdahl -  an extraordinary team, that includes some of Sydney's most respected established writers as well as some brilliant emerging talent.


Between them this team have won a ridiculous number of awards (including the Griffin Playwriting Prize, the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award, the AWGIE Award for Stage, the Human Rights Award for Drama, the STCSA Young Playwrights’ Award, the National One Act Play Competition ) and they have been shortlisted an equally ridiculous number of times (for the Patrick White Playwrights Award, the NSW Premier's Literary Award, the Griffin Playwriting Prize, and the Silver Gull Play Award.)


Check out their individual bios HERE

The Directors

The two programs that make up Morning Star (Week A and Week B or, if you like, The First Ring of Hell and The Second Ring of Hell) will be directed by Paul Gilchrist and Daniela Giorgi respectively.

Paul Gilchrist

Paul is the artistic director of subtlenuance. Paul has written and directed over a dozen plays, including:

Life is Impossible (Old 505 Theatre, 2020)Shut Up And Drive (with Daniela Giorgi) (KXT, 2016); All the Difference (Old 505 Theatre, 2015); Joan Again (Old Fitzroy Theatre, 2014); Cristina in the Cupboard (TAP, 2013);  Blind Tasting (Old 505 Theatre, Ensemble, The Street Theatre Canberra, CAP Theatre Los Angeles 2012/2013); Toy Box (TAP, 2011); A Thing of Beauty (Old Fitzroy Theatre, 2010); and Catherine at Avignon (TAP, 2009). 

Plays he has directed include: Talc by Daniela Giorgi (TAP, 2010); A Quiet Night in Rangoon by Katie Pollock (New Theatre, 2011); Losing You (Twice) by Kate O'Keeffe (Newtown Theatre, 2017); TickTickBoom by Melissa Lee Speyer (Actors Pulse, 2018); and Seed Bomb by Daniela Giorgi (Old 505 Theatre, 2019). He has also directed the multi-playwright projects The Political Hearts of Children (TAP, 2013); High Windows Low Doorways (TAP, 2014); and And Now To Bed (The Bordello Theatre, 2015). 

Daniela Giorgi

Daniela is a writer, director, producer, and co-founder of subtlenuance.

Since 2008 Daniela has produced over twenty five original shows.

As a writer her credits include: Talc, produced by subtlenuance in 2010; Sicilian Biscotti, a short play written and produced for the launch of Women, Power, Culture at New Theatre in 2011; Friday produced in 2013 by Sydney Independent Theatre Company at the Old Fitz; The Poor Kitchen produced as part of the Old 505 Theatre's Fresh Works Season in 2016. She co-wrote Shut Up And Drive with Paul Gilchrist, which was produced at KXT in 2016. And her most recent play Seed Bomb was produced as part of the Old 505 Theatre's Fresh Works Season in 2019.

As a writer/ director her credits include: Skirts on Sacred Benches, Suffragettes, Ghosts of Our Colonial Past. She has also directed I Can't Wait by James Lecesne (A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and a Prayer)


Also joining us on the creative team are Lucy Matthews, Tom Massey, Kobi Taylor- Forder, Tiffany Wong and Kate Wooden.

The Cast


Both programs in Morning Star are ensemble pieces.
We look to present casts that reflect the diversity of this city.

We encourage applications from actors of under-represented communities.

We require actors with stage ages from 25 to 65.

We seek a black femme identifying person of African descent.

We seek two queer male-identifying people.

Each of the two ensembles will consist of 6 or 7 actors. 

Both programs of Morning Star will meld the comic, the meta-theatric and the naturalistic, and so will require actors who enjoy playing a range of styles.

Things you need to know 

  • Morning Star will be produced at the Flight Path Theatre, Marrickville.

  • Bump in is June 21 and bump out July 4, 2021.

  • Rehearsals will begin late April/early May, 2021.

  • The rehearsal timetable will be determined by the availability of the team. 

  • The production will be run on a profit share basis.

  • Auditions will be held on Wed 14 April and Thurs 15 April 2021 at an Inner West venue TBA.

  • Successful applicants will be allotted a twenty minute slot.

  • The audition will consist of two elements: 1. a prepared reading of small sections of the script. (These readings will be sent to auditionees several days before the auditions.)  2. A very brief movement piece (1 minute) devised by the actor, suggestive of the theme "Mischief". (Don't stress too much about no. 2; it's not a deal breaker!)


And just a reminder:
Auditions slots won't be allocated on a first-in-first served basis.

Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we'll only be able to see a limited number of actors.

We wish it was different!


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