subtlenuance presents

Live a Little 

Written and directed by Paul Gilchrist

Performed by Sylvia Marie Keays

a part of the KXT Popupstairs season in the Bordello

with thanks to KX Hotel 


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Life’s tough.

So you gotta reward yourself, right?

A treat here. A perk there.

So says Tilly.

And what could be the harm in that?

Live a Little is a hilarious and heartbreaking exploration

of those little leave passes we grant ourselves.

"this production is one to see,

with a beautiful and memorable script by Paul Gilchrist

and a stellar performance

by Sylvia Marie Keays"

Theatre Travels

“ a superb monologue….

Keays hits the ball out of the park

with her spectacular performance”

Weekend Notes

"Sylvia Marie Keays is a gun performer…

You’ll laugh a lot at LIVE A LITTLE.

You will probably shed a tear or two, too.

So brimming with humanity and humour,

its brilliant handling of language

by both writer and performer,

LIVE A LITTLE has a lot to offer.


Sydney Arts Guide


“See it if possible.

Sylvia is enchanting, authentic and so much Tilly,

that it is almost a surprise

that when her performance ends Sylvia Keays remerges to take the applause”

South Sydney Herald

“Sylvia Marie Keays is utterly wonderful….

LIVE A LITTLE is as moving as it is amusing,

KXT Popupstairs (and subtlenuance)

have chosen a gem to jointly relaunch in 2021”

Chuck Moore Reviews

"Played with brilliant endearment by Sylvia Marie Keays….

LIVE A LITTLE brings a unique character to the stage"

Reviews by Judith

Live a Little

Written and directed by Paul Gilchrist

Performed by Sylvia Marie Keays

Lighting design by Artie Hotchkies

the Bordello 

Level 4, KX Hotel, 244-246 William St, Kings Cross

7 pm  Mon 19 - Thurs 22 April



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Image by Leandro Villamil