by Melissa Lee Speyer


10 - 20 October 2018

The Actor's Pulse Theatre

Emily McKnight & Rose Marel 1 - Portrait

Written by Melissa Lee Speyer

Directed by Paul Gilchrist

With Emily McKnight and Rose Marel

Assistant Director Zoe Tomaras

Lighting Design Liam O’Keefe

Produced by Daniela Giorgi


It’s late 1996.

Sydney’s about to stage its first big NYE fireworks display.

The Internet is becoming a Thing.

Jodie and Clara are entering their final year of school.

And Clara has her whole life ahead of her.


Jodie has a damaged heart.

What can you learn of life if you’re given so little of it?


Bursting with heartbreak, humour and hope,

this beautiful tale of female friendship

won the 2015 Silver Gull Play Award.

“...insightful and full of truth. If you are yet to see a play this year, I recommend this be the one” 
Weekend Notes

"The themes, characters and narrative are well woven into an entertaining drama with two richly written women characters...Emily McKnight and Rose Marel do an excellent job.....a thought-provoking, heartwarming, well acted offering"

Sydney Arts Guide

“...tremendous performances from Marel and McKnight. Melissa Lee Speyer is a natural storyteller with a wicked sense of humour... She is brilliant at setting out the vast complexities of human experience with humour and warmth”
The Buzz From Sydney

“An intimate two hander, TickTickBoom is a taut time bomb …It’s taken three years from page to stage and the wait has been worth it” 
Australian Stage

“A wonderful, human and heartbreaking tale in every way…It’s funny, it’s gripping, it’s happy and it’s heart breaking – and both Marel and McKnight are perfect”

Chuck Moore Reviews

"Big existential themes are cogently woven together by Melissa Lee Speyer, who presents her observations in a manner that is indelibly tender and benevolent... both Emily McKnight and Rose Marel demonstrate undeniable talent"

Suzy Goes See

“A moving story of living with death and the importance of friendship… both Emily McKnight and Rose Marel are totally and painfully convincing as the two young women struggling to find hope in an arbitrary world”

South Sydney Herald

Rose Marel & Emily McKnight e LR.jpg