Cristina in 

the Cupboard

by Paul Gilchrist

 6 - 17 November 2013    TAP Gallery

With Sinead Curry, Sylvia Keays, Alice Keohavong,

Sonya Kerr, Peter McAllum, Kelly Robinson,

Helen Tonkin and Stephen Wilkinson

Director: Paul Gilchrist

Producer: Daniela Giorgi

Sound Design: Ashley Walker

Stage Manager: Tom Massey

"Gilchrist has assembled a strong cast, led by Keays, who delivers a clear

and strongly felt performance and she’s very capably supported by Alice Keohavong as Cristina’s little sister. Kelly Robinson, Sonya Kerr and Sinead Curry

offer vivacious cameos as Cristina’s narcissistic, social media-obsessed friends.

Stephen Wilkinson is a sympathetic Gabriel, flummoxed by Cristina’s withdrawal.

Peter McAllum and Helen Tonkin pair well as Cristina’s parents.

Gilchrist’s text is a rich and frequently humorous one" The Sydney Morning Herald

"the script is poignant and beautiful... the performances are strong and effective...  

a timeless work that speaks with intellectual and emotional clarity,

and should be staged every place there is a thinking audience" suzygoessee

"a surprise joy... a must for serious theatre-goers with a sterling cast, some of which

may be household names in the not too distant future. As an audience member

I entered a little theatrical cupboard in a gallery basement,

and left with a feeling of being part of the grand magic of theatre"  Sydney Arts Guide

"Once again subtlenuance has intrigued and entertained... insightful and evocative

writing; economically but imaginatively presented with a well chosen

and very convincing cast... it is often side-splittingly funny"  South Sydney Herald

"Gilchrist has done a deft job... Stephen Wilkinson has a unique presence on stage and is a treat to watch….  It was great fun and quite impressive to watch her perform. 
Gilchrist surely has a knack for writing"  Dinner and a Show

“I found Cristina in the Cupboard both deeply fascinating and profoundly troubling.

For the eighty five minutes of the show, I found myself mesmerized”  

Theatre from the Backseat

"Sylvia Keays provides us a strong performance as Cristina. She has

an ethereal quality that evokes just enough magic, without appearing too whimsical... Erica and Belinda are played brilliantly by Sonya Kerr and Sinead Curry

in an amusing display of one upmanship... Alice Keohavong, Helen Tonkin,

Peter McAllum, Stephen Wilkinson and Kelly Robinson, all give first-rate performances... don't miss this"   The Buzz from Sydney

With Daniel Hunter, Sylvia Keays,

Alyssan Russell, Stephen Wilkinson

Director: Paul Gilchrist        

Producer: Daniela Giorgi 

Design: Rachel Scane

"Unsettling, wry, dark, rich in humour and tension. Everything a play should be.

And yet, something more. This is original work, it's new, it's distinctively Australian, it should be setting off alarm bells in our literary departments"  

5th Wall

"Gilchrist crafts the build up of tension and disquiet very well over the play's

65 minutes... four well shaped performances draw us in"   Sydney Morning Herald
"The way playwright and director Paul Gilchrist manages the tension and spark

between the four characters is masterful and fun to watch...

Its characters are whole, affectionately shaded and genuine in a way that

outshines the irony. Performances are sensational"  Concrete Playground

"Given the breadth and depth of Rocket Man, it is incredible

that it's only a little over an hour long. Paul Gilchrist successfully

and oh so skillfully waves his audience around so many seemingly conflicting

subjects with the clarity and verve of a ballroom dancer...

It's an enormously clever play... It's a fantastic night of theatre"  Lisa Thatcher

"A powerful universal tale... a good night's entertainment

from an energetic and creative company" Stage Whispers

"an engaging show... pointed and entertaining"   Theatrefromthebackseat

"utterly convincing, sometimes extremely funny, at at others very moving"  

South Sydney Herald

"Rocket Man is an insightful exploration... a well acted, thinking person's play that guarantees a long and intense post performance chat"  Alt Media

Rocket Man

by Paul Gilchrist

4 - 14 July 2013   TAP Gallery

The Political Hearts of Children

A Multi-playwright Project

11-21 April 2013   TAP Gallery

Written by Alison Rooke, Katie Pollock, Kimberley Lipschus,

Victoria Haralabidou, Benito Di Fonzo, Didem Caia

and James Balian        

With James Balian, Mark Dessaix, Rosanna Easton,

Carla Nirella, Kelly Robinson, Kathryn Schuback

and Stephen Wilkinson

Director: Paul Gilchrist

Producer: Daniela Giorgi

Sound Design: Ashley Walker     
Stage Manager: Angharad Lindley

"Stark white walls. Seven scripts. Seven actors. Who needs 'big' theatre

when 'little' theatre can be so blindingly brilliant?" Australian Stage 

"this show, with such a deceptively simple premise, is a vastly important

piece of theatre... a rare find for theatre-hunters, the opening night audience

laughing, crying and so privileged to find insight into not one but

seven beautiful minds. I’m going back again" 5th wall

"All seven stories are touching in their own way. To see each of them performed

by an actor who lived the moment, let it go, and turns it into something else

on the stage is thrilling... wonderfully

engaging piece of original theatre" Lisa Thatcher

a curious set of tales... Thought provoking certainly, and young enough at heart

to make it an intriguing (noisy!) little gem" Aussie Theatre

"a beguiling series of childhood memories. Some are familiar and

some feel like they're from another world, yet all of them are bewitching... a beautiful journey that I thoroughly enjoyed embarking on. This is a wonderful production" 

Weekend Notes

"a delightful and charming foray into memories…

the performances were all enjoyable, exuberant and sometimes enthralling…

Well done subtlenuance!" Sydney Arts Guide

Photo Credits: Christina in the Cupboard, Rocket Man, The Political Hearts of Children, Zorica Purlija

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