Softly, Surely

Written by Daniela Giorgi & Paul Gilchrist


Performed by Zoe Crawford, Yannick Lawry,

Rosie Meader, Abi Rayment, and Claudia Shnier


Directed by Paul Gilchrist


6 - 10 September 2022 

Flight Path Theatre

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and life’s a tragedy.


and it's a comedy.

Sing, say the wise,

like no one's listening.

And no one is.

Not for long.

In this contemporary comedy,  

five Sydney-siders face the music
– fractured families, broken dreams, impending mortality –
and say ‘Please, one more time, from the top!’


Join us for a thrilling 60 minutes

of song, movement and laughter.

Softly Surely

6 - 10 September

8 pm

Flight Path Theatre

142 Addison Rd, Marrickville

$21/ $25


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