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Softly, Surely

Written by Daniela Giorgi & Paul Gilchrist


Performed by Zoe Crawford, Yannick Lawry,

Rosie Meader, Abi Rayment, and Claudia Shnier


Directed by Paul Gilchrist


6 - 10 September 2022 

Flight Path Theatre

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and life’s a tragedy.


and it's a comedy.

Sing, say the wise,

like no one's listening.

And no one is.

Not for long.

In this contemporary comedy,  

five Sydney-siders face the music
– fractured families,

broken dreams,

impending mortality –
and say ‘Please, one more time, from the top!’

“attention grabbing, audacious…. evocative theatre”

Sydney Arts Guide


"an affecting theatrical experience,

infectiously and rivetingly alive"

Australian Stage


“has all the trademarks of the company:

clever storytelling, witty scenario, memorable characters,

and both entertaining and emotionally real”

Chuck Moore Reviews


“standout stories that captivate”

Theatre Thoughts


“humorous and entertaining...

plenty of richness and depth

… an excellent little show”

State of the Art

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