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by Paul Gilchrist

13 - 30 November 2019 

Top Shelf, Fringe HQ

Image by Clare Hawley

Ali Thu.JPG

Simple Souls 

13 - 30 November 2019

Written and directed by Paul Gilchrist

With Alison Benstead, Julia Christensen, Lisa Hanssens, Simon Lee, 
Thu Nguyen, Lewis Scamozzi and Madeleine Withington

Sound Design by Ash Walker

Assistant Director Angus Evans

Producer Daniela Giorgi




Sick of a society

of Twitter and trolls,

anger and argument?

Marguerite has the cure.
It’s her new show –
Simple Souls.

It’s fun.

It’s friendly.

And it's about to get her into serious shit.

Simple Souls - a comedy about the wisdom of stupidity


“fizzes with philosophical ideas and social commentary …

bubbling with effervescence … high density laughs”

Australian Stage

“subtlenuance prove why anything they produce should be  

on the must see, immediately-now' list with Simple Souls 

- a show anything but its first name,

and as rich in simple fun as mind-tickling smart.

This is a rich, bitingly funny and laser eyed tale”

Chuck Moore Reviews

The players in the piece have a versatility that impresses….

There was a synergy of fine writing and on point performance…

Good theatre should remain with you - as this has.

I recommend this”
Theatre Now


“undoubtedly fascinating … flamboyant characters

with admirable energy...

inject a valuable sense of theatricality that sustains our attention.”



"characters are skilfully rendered by Gilchrist

and superbly performed by the actors.

As a source of hilarity they are unsurpassable.....
subtlenuance ... once again must be congratulated

on yet another production that seeks unapologetically

to offer less mainstream insights

into the troubles of our times."

South Sydney Herald





Image by Clare Hawley


by Daniela Giorgi

5-9March 2019 

Old 505 Theatre

FreshWorks Season

Photo by Matt 6 Altered smaller.jpg

Photo by Matt Abotomey

Sonya Kerr photo Sylvia Keays smaller fo

Let a thousand flowers bloom! 


Kat hates the city.

She dreams of moving to the country and living quietly ever after.

Then, one night, she collides with a bike-riding anarchist guerrilla gardener.


Carrying a load of seed bombs, his mission is

to transform vacant lots into food forests and flower beds.

Seduced by these urban warriors,

Kat joins their clandestine adventures,

and as they turn chain link fences into living salads,

verges into veggie gardens,

and the local golf course into a common,

the seeds of her own awakening explode into life.

Seed Bomb is an hilarious comedy for everyone

who dreams a better world might be about to bloom. 



 Seed Bomb is a play for 2019 Sydney”


“a funny, likable and blooming good yarn….Wonderful.”

Chuck Moore Reviews

“a subtle, combustible comedy”

Australian Stage Online

“Daniela Giorgi’s writing is very funny”

Theatre Travels

"a hilarious comedy....Seed Bomb is a little gem"

Weekend Notes

"Make sure you don't miss it"

Lisa Thatcher Reviews




Seed Bomb 

5 - 9 March 2019

Written by Daniela Giorgi

Directed by Paul Gilchrist

With Matthew Abotomey, Kate Bookallil, Lindsey Chapman,

Sonya Kerr and Julian Ramundi

Lighting design by Artie Hotchkies



Image by Sylvia Keays

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