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High Windows Low Doorways

A Multi-playwright Project

 19 - 30 March 2014     TAP Gallery

Written by Ellana Costa,

Noelle Janaczewska, Mark Langham,
Jonathan Ari Lander, Melita Rowston,  

Katie Pollock, Alison Rooke 

With Kit Bennett, Matt Butcher, Alice Keohavong,

Naomi Livingstone, Peter McAllum, Gavin Roach, Helen Tonkin  


Director: Paul Gilchrist  

Producer: Daniela Giorgi


Sound Design: Ashley Walker    
Stage Manager: Tom Massey

Epiphany, euphoria and ecstasy,

those glorious moments when nothing makes sense and it no longer matters.

Dread, despondency and despair,

those painful moments when it seems only too clear.

The second installment of the Table Talk Trilogy,

High Windows Low Doorways

teams writers and actors to tell a tale from the performer's own spiritual experience.

Ensemble by Zorica Purlija.jpg

Image by Zorica Purlija

"4 stars... they've shone a sympathetic light upon the lamp

that is the human heart, its fragility and its resilience" Daily Review (Crikey)

"as an exploration and evocation of intense and life changing experiences

it was brilliant...This is little theatre at its best; limited in space

but huge in impact" South Sydney Herald

"the stories are all very well written and performed...

a great production" The Buzz from Sydney

"With an overarching insistence on the highest quality, subtlenuance

give the monologue format a fresh boost... performed to the high standard we have come to expect from subtlenuance, but even more than this, it opens the conversation up about what it is to be spiritual" Lisa Thatcher

"the stories are unique to the actors, translated back by seven different writers with care and dilgence and craft, and then translated once again to the performance realm. And as an audience we're taken with them into the most uncharted and dangerous and moving territories" 5th Wall

"Layered and complex. There's a lot in this show to mull over. I thought it was

beautifully curated and well performed" Theatre From The Back Seat

"The performances were all high quality... easily accessible theatre... entertaining" Arts Hub

"There is a resonance that exists where people dig deep to tell personal stories,

and in High Windows Low Doorways, the cast wants us to hear them,

but the commonality of our experiences also makes us feel heard" Suzy Goes See


by Paul Gilchrist

5- 23 August 2014    Old FitzTheatre

With Kit Bennett, Jamie Collette, Ted Crosby,

Kitty Hopwood, Lynden Jones, Sylvia Keays, 

Bonnie Kellett, David Kirkham,

and Helen Tonkin


Director: Paul Gilchrist  

Producer: Daniela Giorgi


Design: Rachel Scane     
Lighting Design: Liam O’Keefe
Stage Manager and Sound Design: Tom Massey

In 1431, Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake.

Ten years later she was back.

Inspired by an incredible true story,

subtlenuance explores one of the greatest frauds of all time.

Very funny and deeply moving,

Joan Again

is an uncannily contemporary expose

of truth and lies,

celebrity and identity.

Truth is a battlefield.

Joan Again_ Kit Bennett, Photo Katy Loug

Image by Katy Green Loughrey

"An excellent production" Alternative Media

"A brilliant play... that rare piece of theatre that feeds meat to the

general public as well as wine to the passionate theatre nerd" Lisa Thatcher

"A sharp satire... don't miss it... Helen Tonkin is excellent...

casting Sylvia Keays as Joan was a stroke of brilliance, she carries off the

role with a bolshie bravado that is wonderful to watch" The Buzz from Sydney

"An appealing wit at work" Sydney Morning Herald

"a clever, smart, enchanting play" The Spell of Waking Hours

"a dynamic theatre with distinct and colourful personalities

that keep us fascinated" Auditorium Magazine

"hilarious, shrewdly observant and cleverly interwoven" South Sydney Herald

"a playwright of tremendous ability... Gilchrist has outdone himself...

a real feast for any actor to wrap their mouths around

and any audience's ears" Theatre Unzipped

"an absorbing play... a very thoughtful piece of theatre" Theatre from the Backseat

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