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We are very proud to have founded the Silver Gull Play Award in 2015 and to have run it for the five years until 2019. 

We would like to thank our brilliant sponsor, The Buzz from Sydney, without whom none of it could have happened.


We would also like to thank:

  • the judges who helped us out: Helen Tonkin, Nick Atkins, Brad Sykes and Joy Minter

  • the actors who presented readings at the award nights

  • everyone who attended those nights.

  • the Old 505 and Kerri Glasscock for providing a venue for the award night over the last few years.

And we would like to thank all the writers who submitted work.

It was an incomparable privilege to read over 160 new Australian plays.

Playwrights are the beating heart of our theatre, and we are very proud to have supported them.


We are pleased that the Silver Gull Play Award continues, 

and is now administered by New Theatre, still with the support of The Buzz From Sydney.
















Winners of the Silver Gull Play Award 2015 - 2019

2015 TickTickBoom by Melissa Lee Speyer

2016 People Will Think You Don’t Love Me by Joanna Erskine

2017 For Unknown Reasons by Zoe Cooper

2018 Lions and Tigers and Bears by Phillip James Rouse

2019 Field of Vision by Joanna Erskine

Previously Shortlisted Plays 2015 - 2019



Between the Streetlight and the Moon by Melita Rowston

Furthest West by Michael Collins

The Block Universe (Or So It Goes) by Sam O’Sullivan

The Last Executioner by Mark Swivel

TickTickBoom by Melissa Lee Speyer



People Will Think You Don’t Love Me by Joanna Erskine

A Matter of Life and Death by John AD Fraser

The Ink Trail by Louis Klee

This, This Is Mine by Duncan Ragg

I sat and waited but you were gone too long by Olivia Satchell



The Bees Are All Dead by Kit Brookman
Dead Wen by Elias Jamieson Brown
For Unknown Reasons by Zoe Cooper
A Spy in the House of Love by Zoe Hogan
Human Activity by Katie Pollock
The Blackbird and the Whale by Alison Rooke



​Disinhibition by Christopher Bryant

Alabaster Burning by John AD Fraser

People Inside Me by Katie Pollock

​Superheroes by Mark Rogers

​Lions and Tigers and Bears by Phillip James Rouse


I Damo by Pauline Bleach

The Deal by Kel Vance

Breathless by Deborah Mulhall

Son of Byblos by James Elazzi

Field of Vision by Joanna Erskine

Photo of seagull by Glen Fergus (Own work, Moreton Bay, Australia) via Wikimedia Commons 

The Silver Gull Play Award

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