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Catherine at Avignon
                                               by Paul Gilchrist

9 - 19 August 2023

Meraki Arts Bar

With Shaw Cameron, Richard Cotter,

Romney Hamilton, Shawnee Jones,

Rosie Meader and John Michael Narres


Directed by Paul Gilchrist

Produced by Daniela Giorgi

Set & Costume Design by Rachel Scane

Lighting Design by Michael John Schell

Intimacy Coordinator Diana Paola Alvarado


IMG_7754 (2).JPG


"the best that Sydney theatre has to offer”

4.5 stars

Sydney Scoop

"everything that is great about independent theatre"

4 Stars

4th Wall Reviews

"Entertaining and thought provoking... packs quite a punch"

4 Stars

Sydney Arts Guide

IMG_7671 (2).JPG

Strange Time.

Strange Place.

Strangely Familiar.

In a world of corruption, decadence and intrigue,

a lone woman confronts the most powerful

institution of her times.

Set in fourteenth century France,

and inspired by actual events,

Catherine at Avignon is the story

of an extraordinary personality.


Branded a no-one by her society,

Catherine fearlessly took on kings and queens.


Avignon would be her greatest challenge.


Bawdy and bloody, exuberant and irreverent, this audience favourite returns to the stage.

Catherine at Avignon has been published by Australian Plays Transform and is available HERE

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