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by Paul Gilchrist

6 - 10 September 2016     Kings Cross Theatre

With Sylvia Keays, Antony Talia and Madeleine Withington

Director: Kit Bennett

Producer: Daniela Giorgi

Lighting Design: Liam O’Keefe


Sarah and Tom have made serious mistakes.

They're going under.

Zelda says she can help.

Zelda says they can stay.

Zelda says she's the one true heir of Atlantis.

Sure, no-one's got all the answers,

but exactly how many are you allowed to get wrong?



Atlantis is a soulful work, full of spirit… its words take hold of our imagination… There is excellent humour”   Suzy Goes See

"Atlantis is a thoughtful, considered and provocative piece

  that deserves a bigger season"   Australian Stage  

“Deeply thought-provoking and often hilarious”  Weekend Notes

 "subtlenuance's work continues to draw out and thread together entertaining and authentic Australian tales”   Broadway World

“Gilchrist exhibits a burgeoning style of his own making, 

which has few resonances with other styles or writers…

It’s a sobering jumping-off point for reflection on the state of our own affairs and this is what Gilchrist does so effectively and entertainingly" Syke on Stage

Shut Up And Drive

or sex, liberty and the automobile

by Paul Gilchrist & Daniela Giorgi

9 - 23 April 2016    Kings Cross Theatre

With Kit Bennett, Bonnie Kellett, Sam Glissan, Sonya Kerr,

Jordie MacKinnon, Maddy McWilliam, Tom Nauta,

Robert Roworth, Eli Saad and Michael Smith

Director: Paul Gilchrist    

Producer: Daniela Giorgi 

Lighting Design: Liam O’Keefe

From the power of the driver's seat,

through the pleasures of the back seat,

to the eternal pull of the open road,

Shut Up and Drive is the ultimate ride!

Fast-paced and fun-fueled,

Shut Up and Drive

traverses the highways and back roads

of the Australian psyche

to discover the place of the car in our lives.


Are we there yet? 

"A diverse, thoughtful and amusing take on freedom under late capitalism… clever writing and strong performances. The script is richly layered… a revue with an intelligent critique of power dynamics"  Arts Hub

“especially engaging, fast-paced, revue style format; this high-energy performance has its audience both laughing at its satirical take on

our contemporary world and feeling nostalgic for the passions of

their youth. The wonderfully versatile and spirited cast inspires us

to reassess the intimate role of the car in our lives

and to leave the show in high good-humour”  South Sydney Herald

Shut Up And Drive is often funny, and sometimes touching...

the play always has a sense of intrigue and enjoyment.

At every step... consistently amusing”  SuzyGoesSee 

“Disarming humour, poignant drama and political insight, Shut Up And Drive has something to offer any audience member” Broadway World

"a standout on the 2016 Sydney calendar, in a year filled with great productions. Highly recommended"  Lisa Thatcher

"an interesting and surprising piece of theatre...

It's funny, moving, insightful and intelligent"  Theatre Now

The Poor Kitchen

by Daniela Giorgi

 2 - 6 February 2016   Old 505 Theatre

With Mark Langham, Samantha Meisner,

Katrina Rautenberg, Randa Sayed, Benjamin Winckle 

Director: Paul Gilchrist  

Assistant Director: Kit Bennett  

Producer: Daniela Giorgi

Set and Costume Design: Rebecca Mills      
Lighting Design: Liam O’Keefe
Stage Manager and Sound Design: Tom Massey

“The anarchists are crazy, but better than the fascists.”

Elle unexpectedly inherits an olive farm in Italy. 

The neighbours are colourful, 

the food is divine, 

but as she tucks into her tagliatelle, 

she finds herself at the table

with the ghosts of a barbarous past.

Set in southern Italy, 

The Poor Kitchen is funny and deeply moving;

a fascinating exploration of the personal, the political and the pasta!


"excellent performances...

I would certainly be happy to spend a little more time

with these fascinating characters"  

What’s On Sydney

"an enjoyable, satisfying, thoughtful production"  

Sydney Arts Guide

"venue and production are to be applauded...

The Poor Kitchen deserves a remount" 

Australian Stage 

"Daniela Giorgi’s script is both thoughtful and insightful…

colourful characters keep us entertained"  

Suzy Goes See

“a brilliant piece of writing…superb casting…

Highly recommended”  

Lisa Thatcher

The Poor Kitchen has been published by the Australian Script Centre

and is available for purchase at

Photo Credits: Atlantis, Shut Up And Drive, The Poor Kitchen, Daniela Giorgi 

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