Raw Treats

At subtlenuance we passionately believe in new work.  That’s why we’ve initiated our Raw Treats program.


Raw Treats is a series of monthly play readings.

If you’re a Sydney-based playwright, we’d love to hear from you!

What we’ll provide:

  • A venue for a private reading of your play

  • A quality cast of actors

  • Photo-copying of your script for the reading

  • An opportunity for you to hear your script performed and to ask questions about how it’s received.


What you’ll provide:

A terrific script (over 45 minutes in duration and not currently entered for this year’s Silver Gull Play Award.)


The keywords for Raw Treats are casual, relaxed and friendly, and our choice of venue will reflect that.

(Warm, cozy, and we’re pretty sure we heard someone say something about wine.)

And we’ll choose a date for the reading that suits you.


                                           PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately we will be unable to continue the Raw Treats play readings 

                                                                       until we secure further funding, or a sponsor,  for this program. 























Past Readings:

The Sisters of Goliath by John AD Fraser

 Mum, Me and the IED by James Balian and Roger Vickery

Photo attribution: Putaputaputa (own work) via Wikimedia CommonsVIA