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Performed by Sylvia Keays

Written and directed by Paul Gilchrist

Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Fringe 2012  

Ensemble Theatre 2013 & 2014

Street Theatre Canberra 2014

Hunter Valley Summer Theatre 2016

Old 505 Theatre 2018

and multiple vineyards around the country


Part performance, part wine tasting,

Blind Tasting is a nationally toured and critically acclaimed production

In wIne there is Truth. And Laughter.


She talks wine, she sells wine.

But, now, Sophie has every reason to drink it!

Join her hilarious razor-sharp discovery

of the unexpected truth hidden in each glass.


Sylvia Keays portrays Sophie - witty, whimsical and utterly heart-broken.

In Blind Tasting, she shares her sparkling coming of age story,

as she navigates love, loss and the realisation 

that none of us really knows what's going to happen next.


'a corker of a performance....a barrel of fun...

performed with great vitality and charm by Sylvia Keays.

If you ever hear it’s on, go.'

Sydney Morning Herald


'One of those little treasures of a play

that fills your glass with optimism,

spills a bit with the laughs, and finds truth.'

Canberra Times


'a well crafted, tasty piece of small intense theatre

that ponders some deeply philosophical questions,

delivered engagingly by Sylvia Keays'

The Adelaide Advertiser


‘Blind Tasting is potent with its sense of joyful optimism’

Suzy Goes See


‘funny, sharp at times, sad at others and consistently entertaining. Add to this, the charm, vitality and grace brought to this

one-woman performance by Sylvia Keays,

and the result is a thoroughly enjoyable evening.’

South Sydney Herald


“Blind Tasting is a beautiful piece of intimate theatre….

Sylvia Keays is superb…. Don’t miss it this time around,

if you have not seen it before.”

Lisa Thatcher


“This is a beautifully written play. Paul Gilchrist’s words flow together with a poetic fluidity that is a joy to hear…

Sylvia Keays comfortably engages the audience

and expertly weaves the story around us in this first-person narrative about love, life and wine.”

Theatre Now

'Sylvia Keays is a brilliant performer...

a moving, consistent and quality performance

that is a joy to watch...

The script is playful, witty and poetic throughout...

thoroughly entertaining'

Fringe Review



'This performance was a delight; intimate, funny, sad, and thoughtful.'

Stage Whispers


'Raw, forthright and astutely funny...Sylvia Keays is a deeply compelling actor, seamlessly transitioning from laughter

in one moment to tears in the next.'

Express Media


‘This is no blind tasting. By the end, your eyes,

as well as your other senses, will be wide open.'

Curtain Call

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