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           “ subtlenuance is one of Sydney's  most vital, active,prolific

                   and innovative small production companies."   Crikey

             "a small, fiercely independent company of proven integrity…   
               their work augurs well, not only for subtlenuance’s future 
           as a distinctive, important, independent voice in Australian theatre, 
               but for the future of Australian theatre at large.”  
Australian Stage  

     “an extraordinary little theatre company…[with] an unusually high degree

                   of quality and consistency, as compared with practically

                            any theatre company you care to name."  Crikey

                                “one of Sydney’s most enduring and

                          entertaining theatre companies" Sydney Arts Guide


             Founded in 2008, subtlenuance is a Sydney based, independent theatre company solely dedicated to the creation of original,

Australian work. Our focus is the exploration of political and philosophical ideas. We believe theatre is a forum for many voices; 

an art form especially suited to both the exploration and creation of subtlety and nuance. 

Through these two qualities our world becomes richer.

Our back catalogue of works is here.

Please contact us via email - subtlenuancetheatre (at) - if you are interested in one of our plays.





About Us

Paul Gilchrist 

Paul is a  writer and director, and co-founder of subtlenuance. 

Plays he has both written and directed include: Softly, Surely (with Daniela Giorgi, Flight Path Theatre, 2022); Live a Little (KXT Popupstairs, 2021) Simple Souls (Fringe HQ, 2019); One Way Mirror (Blood Moon Theatre, 2018); Shut Up And Drive (with Daniela Giorgi, Kings Cross Theatre, 2016); All the Difference (Old 5052015); Joan Again (Old Fitz, 2014); Cristina in the Cupboard (TAP, 2013); Rocket Man (TAP, 2013); Blind Tasting (Old 505, Ensemble, Street Theatre Canberra, CAP Theatre Los Angeles 2012/2013); Lucy Black (TAP 2012); Toy Box (TAP 2011); Life is Impossible (Newtown Theatre 2010, and Old 505 Theatre, 2020); A Thing of Beauty (Old Fitz, 2010); Two Gates (TAP, 2010); Catherine at Avignon (TAP, 2009); Before the Embrace (Newtown Theatre, 2009); True Times Three (TAP 2008); and Dead Money (TAP, 2007).

Plays he has directed include: Seed Bomb by Daniela Giorgi (Old 505, 2019); TickTickBoom by Melissa Lee Speyer (Actors Pulse, 2018); Losing You (Twice) by Kate O'Keeffe (Newtown Theatre, 2017); A Quiet Night in Rangoon by Katie Pollock (New Theatre, 2011); and Talc by Daniela Giorgi (TAP, 2010).  He has also directed the multi-playwright projects Morning Star (Flight Path Theatre, 2021); And Now To Bed (The Bordello Theatre, Kings Cross Hotel 2015); High Windows Low Doorways (TAP, 2014); and The Political Hearts of Children (TAP, 2013).

Plays he has written include: Appropriation (Fledgling Theatre, director Chris Huntly-Turner, 2019); Atlantis (KXT, director Kit Bennett, 2016); Cristina in the Cupboard (Depot Theatre, director Julie Baz, 2016); The Danger of Safety (Old 505, featured in Apocalypse Theatre Company's Asylum, director Erin Taylor, 2015); and Turning Up (Crypt Theatre, director Daryl Currie, 2006).


Daniela Giorgi 
Daniela is a writer and producer, and co-founder of subtlenuance.

Daniela's writing credits include: Softly, Surely (with Paul Gilchrist, Flight Path Theatre, 2022); Seed Bomb (Old 505, 2019); Shut Up and Drive (with Paul Gilchrist, KXT, 2016); The Poor Kitchen (Old 505, 2016); Friday (Sydney Independent Theatre Company, Old Fitz, 2013) and Talc (TAP, 2010).  

She has also had short stories, poetry and fiction published and blogs at 

Daniela has produced over thirty original shows, in venues throughout Sydney and Australia, such as The Old Fitz, KXT, New Theatre, Ensemble Theatre, Old 505, The Street Theatre Canberra, Flight Path Theatre, and the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringes. These include: Softly, Surely, 2022; Live a Little, 2021; Simple Souls, 2019; One Way Mirror, 2018; TickTickBoom, 2018; Atlantis, 2016; Shut Up And Drive, 2016; The Poor Kitchen, 2016; All the Difference, 2015; And Now To Bed, 2015; Joan, Again, 2014; High Windows Low Doorways, 2014; Cristina in the Cupboard, 2013; Rocket Man, 2013; The Political Hearts of Children, 2013; Blind Tasting, 2012 / 2013 / 2014; Lucy Black, 2012; A Quiet Night in Rangoon, 2011; Bare Boards Brave Heart, 2011; Toy Box, 2011; Life Is Impossible, 2010 and 2020; A Thing of Beauty,  2010; Talc & Two Gates, 2010; Before The Embrace, 2009; Catherine at Avignon, 2009; and True Times Three, 2008.

Prior to that she produced Gloss, Sold, Turning Up and Dead Money, for Thrown Together Theatre’s "pop-up theatre" experiment; theatre created for performance in a range of eclectic non-traditional venues.

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