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Audition Call
Augusta by Paul Gilchrist

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The Play

Augusta is the most powerful woman in the world,

but not the most powerful person.

Her desperate bid for supremacy is both hilarious and heartbreaking, in the newest work by critically acclaimed writer, Paul Gilchrist.


Set in Late Antiquity, the dramedy Augusta further develops Gilchrist’s practice of presenting extraordinary individuals, often women, in unexpectedly exotic settings.

What Catherine at Avignon did with 14th century France and Life is Impossible with 1940’s America, Augusta does with 5th century Rome, presenting an exceptional woman at just the moment when the greatest empire the world has known teeters on the edge of collapse.

In this seemingly foreign world, Gilchrist finds both humour and deep humanity.

Interrogating inequalities in power, the play explores how injustice weakens us all.

The piece will suit actors confident with both the dramatic and comedic forms.


Praise for previous work by Gilchrist:


“Like Stoppard, Gilchrist is great with words …. Catherine of Avignon is a significant achievement and Paul Gilchrist is obviously a playwright worth watching.”

Media Culture


“the script is the real star. Both poetic and whimsical, Gilchrist seamlessly weaves olde English and 21st century language to jolt us between yesterday and today at will. The problems and the turmoil of the 14th century are clearly still relevant to today’s crazy world.”

Alt Media


“So cleverly interwoven with perceptive questioning is his writing that you begin to feel as though Gilchrist's understanding of the human psyche is on a different more-in-tuned level”

The Blurb


The Cast


The play is an one act, three-hand ensemble dramedy.

We are seeking to cast:

1 FEMALE actor, playing age 25 - 45

1 FEMALE actor, playing age 22 - 30 (the ability to sing would be useful, but not a deal breaker!)

1 MALE actor, playing age 25 - 45      


We look to present a cast reflective of the diversity of this city.

The Team 


The Director -  Daniela Giorgi

Daniela is one of the co-founders of subtlenuance.

The plays she has written or directed include:

Softly, Surely (with Paul Gilchrist, Flight Path Theatre, 2022); Morning Star (various writers, Flight Path Theatre, 2021): Seed Bomb (Old 505, 2019); Shut Up and Drive (with Paul Gilchrist, KXT, 2016); The Poor Kitchen (Old 505, 2016); Friday (Sydney Independent Theatre Company, Old Fitz, 2013) and Talc (TAP, 2010).  

She has also had short stories, poetry and fiction published and blogs at 

Daniela has produced over thirty original shows, in venues throughout Sydney and Australia, such as The Old Fitz, KXT, New Theatre, Ensemble Theatre, Old 505, The Street Theatre Canberra, Flight Path Theatre, and the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringes. 

The Writer - Paul Gilchrist
Paul is one of the co-founders of subtlenuance. 

He has been the writer/director of over a dozen plays, including:

Catherine at Avignon (Meraki Mainstage, 2023, & TAP Gallery, 2009); Live a Little (KXT, 2021); Life is Impossible (Old 505, 2020 & Newtown Theatre, 2010), One Way Mirror (Blood Moon Theatre, 2018); Shut Up And Drive (with Daniela Giorgi, KXT, 2016); All the Difference (Old 505, 2015); Joan Again (Old Fitz, 2014); Cristina in the Cupboard (TAP, 2013);  Blind Tasting (Old 505, Ensemble, Street Theatre Canberra, 2012/2013/2018); A Thing of Beauty (Old Fitz, 2010).

The Company 

subtlenuance is dedicated solely to the production of original work.

Since our inception in 2008 we have produced over 30 new works, in Sydney, and around the country.


“a small, fiercely independent company of proven integrity… [their work] augurs well, not only for subtlenuance’s future as a distinctive, important, independent voice in Australian theatre, but for the future of Australian theatre at large.” 

Australian Stage Online 

"subtlenuance is one of Sydney's most vital, active, prolific and innovative small production companies" 


“subtlenuance is one of Sydney’s most enduring and entertaining theatre companies"

 Sydney Arts Guide


Have a look around our website and see what we’ve been up to!


Things you'll need to know


  • The production will be run on a profit share basis. Actors will receive an equal share of the profits or an honorarium of $200 (which ever is greatest.) 

  • The play will run 10 September to 14 September, 2024.

  • It will be produced as part of the Sydney Fringe, at the Emerging Artist Share House, Erskineville. Our venue within the Share House is The Lounge Room,  a 60 seat tiered theatre.

  • The rehearsal timetable will be determined by the availability of the chosen cast. After a few of initial meetings following casting, rehearsals proper will begin mid-July. 

  • Auditions will be held May 23 & 24 from 10 am to 4 pm at a CBD venue TBA. Auditionees will be allocated a 20 minute slot.

  • Auditions will consist of readings from the script.


Actors applying to audition should send their CV and headshot to director Daniela Giorgi at 

EOI's close on Thurs 16 May.

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