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Audition Call
Softly, Surely by Daniela Giorgi and Paul Gilchrist

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We invite actors to apply to audition for this new Australian work by subtlenuance.


The Cast


The play is a one-act four hand ensemble piece.

We are seeking to cast:

2 female actors, playing age 25 - 40  (Carla and Melissa)

1 male actor,  playing age 30 - 40       (Mike)


The ability to sing (or at least hold a tune) and/or play a musical instrument is desirable, but it's certainly not necessary!


We look to present a cast that reflects the diversity of this city.

The Play


Softly, Surely is a one act contemporary comedy.  It's about the forces that fracture, atomize, and disempower us. But it's also about finding hope.


Four Sydney-siders are linked in ways they've yet to discover.

Carla, daughter of an Italian migrant, confronts her family memories in the face of mortality.

Melissa, a student of musicology, seeks new experiences and excuses for joy. Her husband, Mike, a doctor, is at the peak of his career. Melissa is on the way up. Is Mike already there?

Alice, recently retired, struggles to speak - at the very moment when age and wisdom have finally given her something to say.

But hope comes, Softly, Surely, in this comedy of unexpected connections.

The play was originally programed for Old 505's 2017 FreshWorks season, but the production was postponed.


Daniela Giorgi and Paul Gilchrist have worked as subtlenuance for over a decade, creating 30 new Australian works.

This is their second co-written piece, following their well-received Shut Up and Drive; Sex, Liberty and the Automobile, which was produced at KXT in 2016.


Responses to Shut Up and Drive

“an example of excellence…Not to be missed” 

Sydney Scoop 

 “A fantastic indie theatre experience”

Weekend Notes
“a standout on the 2016 Sydney calendar... Highly recommended” 

Lisa Thatcher
“often funny, and sometimes touching… consistently amusing” 

“Disarming humour, poignant drama and political insight…. has something to offer any audience member.”

Broadway World
"an interesting and surprising piece of theatre... It's funny, moving, insightful and intelligent." 

Theatre Now


The Writer -  Daniela Giorgi
Daniela is a writer and producer, and co-founder of subtlenuance. 

Daniela's writing credits include: Seed Bomb (Old 505, 2019); Shut Up And Drive (with Paul Gilchrist, KXT, 2016); The Poor Kitchen (Old 505, 2016); Friday (Sydney Independent Theatre Company, Old Fitz 2013); and Talc (TAP, 2010). Her plays have been published by Australian Plays Transform.

She has also had short stories, poetry and fiction published and blogs at

The Writer/Director - Paul Gilchrist
Paul is a writer and director, and co-founder of subtlenuance. 

Paul has written and directed over a dozen plays, including:

Live a Little (KXT, 2021), Life is Impossible (Old 505, 2020 & Newtown Theatre, 2010), One Way Mirror (Blood Moon Theatre, 2018); Shut Up And Drive (with Daniela Giorgi, KXT, 2016); All the Difference (Old 505, 2015); Joan Again (Old Fitz, 2014); Cristina in the Cupboard (TAP, 2013);  Blind Tasting (Old 505, Ensemble, Street Theatre Canberra, CAP Theatre Los Angeles 2012/2013/2018); A Thing of Beauty (Old Fitz, 2010); and Catherine at Avignon (TAP, 2009). His plays have been published by Australian Plays Transform.

Plays he has directed include: Seed Bomb by Daniela Giorgi (Old 505, 2019); TickTickBoom by Melissa Lee Speyer (Actors Pulse, 2018); Losing You (Twice) by Kate O'Keeffe (Newtown Theatre, 2017); The Poor Kitchen by Daniela Giorgi (Old 505, 2016); and A Quiet Night in Rangoon by Katie Pollock (New Theatre, 2011). He has also directed the multi-playwright projects Morning Star (Flight Path Theatre, 2021); And Now To Bed (The Bordello Theatre, 2015);  High Windows Low Doorways (TAP, 2014); and The Political Hearts of Children (TAP, 2013).


The Company 
subtlenuance is dedicated solely to the production of original work.

Since our inception in 2008 we have produced 30 new works, in Sydney, and around the country.


“a small, fiercely independent company of proven integrity… [their work] augurs well, not only for subtlenuance’s future as a distinctive, important, independent voice in Australian theatre, but for the future of Australian theatre at large.” 

Australian Stage Online 

"subtlenuance is one of Sydney's most vital, active, prolific and innovative small production companies" 


“subtlenuance is one of Sydney’s most enduring and entertaining theatre companies"

 Sydney Arts Guide


Have a look around our website and see what we’ve been up to!


Things you'll need to know


  • The production will be run on a profit share basis.

  • The play will be produced as part of the Sydney Fringe, for a one week period between 1 Sept and 14 Sept, 2022.

  • The venue is yet TBC.

  • The play will be directed by Paul Gilchrist and produced by subtlenuance.

  • Preliminary development meetings will be held over the next few months, with rehearsals proper beginning July 2022. The rehearsal timetable will be determined by the availability of the cast.




Auditions will be held on Wed 20 April from 9 am to 5 pm, at an Inner West venue TBA.


Successful applicants will be allotted a twenty minute slot.

The audition will consist of a prepared reading of small sections of the script. 


Interested actors should email their CV's and headshot to Paul Gilchrist on


And just a reminder
Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we'll only be able to see a limited number of actors.

We wish it was different!

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